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4 best magnetic phone mounts for car 2020

Do you often drive a car and find that it is really inconvenient to use cell phone while driving? Instead of putting your phone in the cup holder, using a hand-free magnetic car phone mount will solve your all problems. You can anchor your smartphone to your car dashboard or window that lets you see it easier.

Why Buy a Magnetic Phone Car Mount

  • Safe Driving:  If you have a magnetic car mount, you can keep your eyes off of the road when answer a phone while driving.
  • Take One Eye on Your Phone: With a cell phone magnet mount on your dashboard, you will easy see it without leaving it on your pocket, briefcase or somewhere in your car.
  • Easy GPS: Magnetic car mounts are designed with strong magnetic level therefor they can be used to hold other devices, including a GPS. So, you won't worry about the directions.

Top Magnetic Phone Holders

Armilo Mini Magnetic Phone Holder

Armilo Mini Magnetic Phone Holder is a powerful magnetic phone holder with simple and smart design. Armilo magnetic phone mount is safe for all surface then you can put it in your car, table... Though the mini magnetic phone holder is small, it securely holds the phone in place even in a rough rides. The magnetic technology is safe to use and will not harm any phone devices.

Thanks to strong magnetic force, Armilo mini magnetic holder can hold your phone and let you comfortably hand-free without worrying about your phone.

Armilo Portable Magnetic Mobile & Specs Holder for Car

Armilo Magnetic Car Phone Holder is a simple and elegant magnetic car mount to hold your phone while you are driving. It is so much easier when you're getting in and out of the car with a magnetic phone car mount.

Armilo Portable Magnetic Mobile Mount is one of the best magnetic car mount with 20 times suction firmly and securely. Whether a speed bump, emergency brake, your mobile phone cannot be dropped. The magnetic technology is safe to use and will not harm any phone devices.

Armilo L-Type Universal Air Vent Magnetic Mount & Clip Phone Holder for Car

Armilo L-Type Universal Air Vent Magnetic Mount Clip Phone Holder for Car is a new design for magnetic phone holder. With new 'L' shape design, ultra-thin and small, the Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount brings a luxury look and convenient to use.

Armilo Magnetic Car Phone Holder L Shape supports a strong magnet with 5 upgrade magnets therefore it can hold the phone firmly.

Especially, the Armilo magnetic car mount comes with the gentle air-vent clip and no harm to your car. Besides, with One-hand operate feature, it is really easy to install and do not block sight for safe driving.

Armilo Magnetic Phone Holder for Car, Universal Phone Mount for Dashboard

Armilo Magnetic Car Phone Holder Universal 360 Degree Phone Mount for Dashboard is a strong magnetic holder which uses 4 permanent magnet strong magnetic and a high-grade aluminium alloy decorative outer ring.

This universal sticky magnetic car mount holder is perfect for holding your digital products onto the car dashboard. With a super compact size, it will not block your sight and keep you away from risking your own safety. Specially, with flexible 360 degree rotation multi-angle, the Armilo universal car phone mount brings a comfortable viewing angle controlled by you.

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