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5 things to consider before buying a new laptop.

Yes, you read it correct! In 2019 you gotta consider a handful things before even thinking of purchasing a brand new Laptop. In a world of technology we have millions of options to go through before choosing the right one. So, it gets very essential for you as a consumer to  make a right choice. A laptop is something which determines our life because we make use of it on a daily basis, whether it be college, office, work or any other place. Finding a right laptop is not treasure hunting or solving calculus it is a piece of cake, if you are careful and if you read this blog. Here are 5 Tips to Consider before buying a Laptop:

  1. Know why you are buying the laptop-
    • Student - If you are a student your budget should be from Rs. 20k to 50k, because the usage will be quiet less and the battery life required should be more. Even a Core i3 or Core i5 laptop can suit a College Student as they deliver quiet a great performance with 8+ Hour Battery Life.
    • Office - If you work at a 9-5 hectic job and if your laptop is very slow, it's time that you invest some of your money into a good quality laptop whcih has core i7 and more than 8 GB RAM. Personally I would highly prefer you to select HP 15G.
    • Gaming - The most interesting field of work/fun, if you are a gamer or want to become a gamer, you should opt for a laptop with Nvidia MX150, GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon. These graphic cards will fuel those Heavy Games like CS GO, PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends. In terms of gaming laptops Graphic cards are something whcih matter more than RAM and Proccessors so make sure you select a laptop with good Graphic card + 8 GB RAM + Core i5 (or Similar)
  2. Battery Life - One of the the most important aspect of a laptop is its battery life, many laptops deliver high performance but get tired very soon, whereas many laptops don't have both of them. So, always remember whenever your looking to buy a laptop you should consider buiying a laptop with 8+ hour battery life. Gamers might face an issue with this particular aspect of battery life because the consumpetion of graphic cards is too high. Have a look at Asus X5 it consist of 9 Hours battery life and comes at a Reasonable Price point. The operating system a laptop runs on can also play a major role in determining battery life. It’s for this reason that ultrabooks and convertibles running on Chrome OS tend to offer superior battery life than those running on Windows 10.
  3. Build Quality - No matter how careful you are with your laptop once it is dropped, its all gone. Therefore, you should look for laptops with military-grade protection, nowadays most of the laptops have it with them at all price points. To prevent this, some laptops are ruggedised to withstand rain and dust. Some are built especially for the brutal educational environments. Usually HP & Lenovo Laptops are very strong and rigid. If you are looking to buy a laptop with  sleek design and aluminium build you should surely buy Macbook Air or HP Pavillion 15,HP Dell provide accidental damage warranty for  specific laptops do check the warranty policy. 
  4. Weight - laptops  need  to be  carried  along if  you are  a  frequent  traveller you must go for an under  1.5 Kg laptop as  apart fromlaptop you need to carry its power adapter other  office stuff the  total of bag may go in the  range of 3 -5 Kg carrying a 5kg load is suerly nota really pleasant thing.  
  5. Preloaded OS - Windows , Mac & Linux are the 3 widely avaliable operating systems  used by PC users, windows  is widely used , going for a  preloaded windows OS laptop is  advisiable as one doent need to buy a genuine Windows OS  licence also no need  to search,download & install drivers. installing a  never use a pirated  windows os its illegal it is  very unsecure and the  overall experience is  very bad. 

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