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How to choose monitor for your assembled pc

Quite strange, but true, people talk about getting the best Graphic card, CPU, RAM for their pc but just forget about the monitor. They do a lot of research on the above mentioned components, but blindly buy any monitor and regret later. Agreed, CPU, GPU, RAM, PSU everything is important but without a great monitor they are rubbish. For a great gaming experience, you need a monitor that is rightly fits your current pc specs. We have made a list of the best monitors for your pc, available in the market right now. Trust me you want get a better price to experience ratio anywhere else, if you go with the list we prepared just for you.


5 most important things to consider

  1. Purpose

Decide what you want to do after you’ll assemble your pc. Photoshop professionals should focus on color accuracy; gamers should focus on a high refresh rate.


  1. Resolution

The thumb rule says, the higher the resolution, the better it is. Considering the modern day scenario, you should go for at least a 1080p display. If you can spend some extra bucks, then you can go for a 4k monitor to access greater details and have a splendid experience but then you would have to widen your budget.


  1. Refresh Rates

Again, the higher the refresh rates, the better it is. Gamers pay attention! You should go for a 144 Hz refresh rate, this would take your gaming experience to next level by making it smoother and lively. For others, 60 Hz would do the job.


  1. Panel

There are three kinds of panels that are widely available, TN panel, IPS panel and VA panel. The TN panels are quite affordable but come with unmanageable viewing angles. They have low response times, highest refresh rates and low input lag. They are fine for gaming purposes.

VA panels, they have decent color reproduction, high contrast ratio and a decent overall performance. They are fit for any general use.

The best (and the costliest) amongst the three are the IPS panels, they have great viewing angles and best color reproduction. They are ideal for professional use.


  1. Response times

Response time is a measure of how quickly a pixel can display a change from either black to white or from one shade of gray to another. Lower response times are better. Normal response time for a TN panel is 1ms and for a VA or IPS panel is 4ms. Ultimately, 1ms is better for competitive gaming.


The verdict

For general users, we would suggest VA panels as they have a high contrast ratio and are affordable as well. They do decent job in all departments like image quality, color accuracy and resolution.

For professional users, we would recommend IPS panels for you. This is because you cannot compromise with viewing angles and color accuracy. If you are on a tight budget, consider going for a TN panel.

For gamers, we would suggest TN panels (especially for competitive gamers). This is because they are accompanied with high refresh rates and lowest response times. If you are into playing non-competitive games and prefer greater details and better color reproduction, go for IPS panels.

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