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Portable bracelet charger and why you should own one?

Gone the days when wearable devices seen as tools primarily designed to track your life as the new entrant is here to surprise you. First of all, the traditional charging cables are not wearable. You store them either in your bags or pockets, the least you want is when your device flags in low battery, yet you couldn’t sort out your tangled cables. By the time you did, your phone is power off.

Part of the genius of the device – which sports a minimalist design suitable for a man or a woman — is that it does look like a piece of jewelery. But unfold the bracelet and you'll find a hidden charging connector – a micro USB connector for android phone.

There are number of models present in market to choose from most of them are stylish looking bracelets can be used as cable to connect your phone to laptop or power bank, while some more advanced versions allow charging Depending upon the device being charged, Bracelet is powered by lithium-ion battery can charge your device up to 60%. And the bracelet takes 60-90 minutes to charge and last for 30 days on standby.


Here are some tips about why you should own one like this:

  1. Stylish design looks like an ordinary bracelet can be worn by both men and
  2. Supports all type of androids available in USB type c also
  3. Available in many styles to choose
  4. Easy to use just plug and play
  5. Available at a reasonable
  6. Nobody would notice what it is, it can be your bracelet
  7. Water-resistant no splash worry!


So grab a one for you and your dear ones and be a part of the new trend.

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