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Securing your computer with antivirus

Global surveys have shown that well over half of the populations are both aware of and concerned about potential online security risks. However, an estimated one-fourth of PCs are not protected with antivirus software, leaving them on average 5.5 times more likely to be infected. For desktops and laptop computers, Trojans are the most common infection, followed by PUPs (potentially unwanted programs). A study by the Hasso-Plattner Institute found that IT software security vulnerabilities is at an all-time high, with 11,150 security risks registered globally.

Computer viruses are growing at such an alarming rate and it becomes extremely important for everybody to secure their Computer with an antivirus. It is popularly believed that paid antivirus is for people who use their devices for more complex and high-end tasks. However, cybercriminals are not just only eyeing up your PC any more. They are after the vast amount of private information on all your devices whether it’s a laptop or PC, from where they can steal your money, your most private information or maybe even your identity.

People spend anywhere from 30k to lakhs of rupees to buy their PC/Laptops but they are not willing to spend a very small amount to secure their PC/Laptops. One must understand that without an antivirus, it is very easy for any attacker/ hacker to steal your private information, exploit any code he wants and damage your device to an unbearable extent.

Should I go for a free antivirus or a paid one?

We at Zarpat recommend you to go for a paid antivirus. The reason is, most of the free antiviruses do more harm than good to you pc/ laptop. This is because they make your computer freeze a lot, they are unsuccessful in identifying the latest virus/ malwares/ other threats and do not secure you from web threats (which are becoming major these days). Moreover, they come with a lot of bloat ware (I am serious about this).

Paid antivirus software has a lot to offer. Many paid antivirus give not only the latest threat protection and excellent customer support, but defense against hackers, viruses, spyware and malware or any malicious software,  as well as safeguarding your identity and online transactions (which is very important these days).

What Zarpat has for you?

Zarpat brings you the best antivirus software available in the market right now. We are talking about Quick Heal Antivirus. They are the best in what they do. They get you the best technology to protect and secure your pc or laptop. To know more about the Quick Heal and other antivirus we can provide you, log on to


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