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Simple tips to upgrade, replace your laptop hard drive

When your laptop runs for a time and it afffects your works, what do you do then, buy a new one or upgrade your laptop hard drive? Of course, upgrade your laptop drive will save you some money. And SSD is a common selection in practice. However, before upgrade, replace your laptop hard drive, you should consider and keep in mind a few things when going this task.

Select the Right Laptop Hard Drive

The first thing you must do when updating anything is that you need to backup data from your original laptop hard drive. The physical considerations are important. You should  go for a SSD that constitutes a space of at least 120 GB. Besides, you must check the manufacture when consider your laptop model and the supported hardware.

However, you must ensure that your laptop is suitable to install the second hard drive.

Prepare for Installation

Visit your drive's manufacturers website to download all the required drivers that are necessary for the installation. To avoid data sanitizing issues, wipe your drive clean properly before it is taken out of the machine.

Install the New Laptop Hard Drive

Firstly, powered down, unplugged, and remove the battery of your laptop. If you do it for the first time, we recommend taking pictures as it helps to recall how something was oriented in the middle of the process. Then do the following steps:

  • Remove the laptop bottom cover to find the hard drive bay.
  • Use a cross screwdriver to screw the screws, fastening the hard drive in the hard drive bracket. Hard drive bracket is used to protect the hard drive from external influences and is usually suitable for 2.5 inch hard drives. Additionally, some laptops may not be equipped.
  • Remount the bottom panel of the laptop and screw the fasteners.
    • Unscrew the two fasteners to remove the optical drive tray
    • Fasten the second hard drive into a hard drive caddy tray for optical drive slot
    • Remove the baffle from the optical drive tray and install it on the hard drive caddy tray
    • Insert the hard drive caddy tray into the optical drive bay and screw the two fasteners unscrewed previously.

Complete the Installation

If you are not going for a new OS, you can enjoy the bigger disk space now. Remember to keep your applications and drivers are updated regularly. Briefly, replacing or upgrading to a new laptop hard drive is not so difficult and you can do it as a matter of your own, 

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