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Top 10 ultra budget gaming laptops to buy in 2019

So you want to play the latest games like pubg, GTA 5, The Witcher 3, Assassin’s creed, free-fire, but under strict budget constraints? Can’t afford gaming laptops worth lakhs of rupees? Or simply confused?

Don’t worry we have done all the homework for you, all you need is to read this and you’ll have no confusions in your mind left.

The Specifications

In a gaming laptop, you are required to look for a decent processor which can handle modern-day titles with great ease and yet be pocket-friendly. The i5 8300H processor is the perfect choice for any entry-level gamer on the planet, moreover, it is better than the i7 7th gen processor.

RAM plays an important role when it comes to gaming, so anything above 8GB is considered sufficient.


Graphics Card, the one thing that makes gaming possible, oh god I can’t tell you what a graphic card means to a gamer. It is that one thing which is extremely expensive yet necessary. The hunger for a better graphic card won’t ever finish if you are a gamer.

While on strict budget constraints, an i5 8th gen processor accompanied with minimum 8GB of RAM and GTX 1050/ GTX 1050ti/Gtx 1650 is decent enough to make you play modern-day titles at playable fps.

Ryzen processors (look for 3550h) would work perfectly fine as well but aren’t comparable to Intel processors in terms of overall functionality. If you can stretch your budget close to 60, you would get 128-256 GB of SSD as well, which would increase your everyday usage experience by 10x.

Tip- with the introduction of GTX 1650 in the market, the prices for GTX 1050 have crazily dropped and 1050 is a nice graphics card, powerful enough to handle any 2016-17 modern-day title.

The Build Quality

You can’t expect premium build quality from such entry-level gaming laptops but some they won’t dissatisfy you either if you are buying your first ever gaming laptop. Most of the laptops mentioned would have a plastic body with a metallic finish, but should not spoil your gaming experience. You’ll get a single led backlit keyboard, but an RGB one might not just fall under your pocket.

The Verdict

Feeling lazy to search all these specs out? Don’t worry we have put in those extra efforts to search for the right laptops so that you never regret your decision.

Laptop 1

Laptop 2 

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