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About us

Our Story


We all know owning a business is equal to taking humongous risks on everyday basis, whether or not our decisions will have a positive impact on the organization. Therefore, the best decision we’ve made was about 8–9 years ago when we took our first leap over eCommerce, back then in India it was a fancy terminology used by geeks but it also had a scope of exponential growth especially in India whereas the westerns were pretty ahead of us in terms of eCommerce. It all started by selling consumer electronics on new ecommerce platforms. Within 5 Years of Time Span we become India’s top 10 Authorized Seller on Top eCommerce websites in Consumer Electronics. Selling Consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, etc had become a household job for us and with experience came mastery in eCommerce.

Last year we came up with a fascinating Idea of starting our own ecommerce venture,

The idea of zarpat came into our mind when I ordered a Microwave oven from an online site and it literally took 6–7 days for it to get delivered although their warehouse was in Pune itself! with the enormous experience we have had in eCommerce and Consumer Electronics world, we decided to kickstart our own startup although the idea kept drooling around our heads for months, it was time for execution. Our Founder Ramchandra Gada was deeply focused on consumer satisfaction thus made it clear that no matter what the situation is the order shall get delivered within 3 hours as promised.

The focus was on our host city Pune, thus we decided to be Hyperlocal and keep it simple which helped us to recognize a way to compete in such a Market. When you use our service:

  1. Orders get Delivered within 3 Hours
  2. Greater Consumer Satisfaction
  3. Free Pickup/Drop Warranty Service (If your device is broken then you can just call us and we’ll take care of it)
  4. Authorized Products
  5. The most affordable prices online.
  6. Pay after checking the product (COD, UPI, BharatQR, NEFT or EMI)
When you provide a service, you must treat your customer as a King!

About our Company

In 2010, VSCG Distribution Pvt Ltd entered into Mobile distribution, We already had all the Laptops and desktop brands available in the market, we expanded our business to Andhra & Karnataka. for better logistics and to increase e-commerce business in 2012 we shift our Head office to Pune, open branches in Hyderabad, Latur & Bijapur, IT, Telecom & e-commerce business grows year on year.

Yearly Turnover crosses 110 Cr, Employee strength reaches 42+

We won below awards

  • No 1 IT Distributor of South Maharashtra ( Revenue wise )
  • №1 Distributor of HP in South Maharashtra
  • №1 Distributor of Lenovo in South Maharashtra
  • eBay — Highest rated highest revenue seller in electronics category ( All India )
  • Flipkart Bestseller in electronics category Maharashtra region.
  • Best Distributor award from Electro for 4 years in a row

From an investment of 70K in 2000, today net worth of our company is 30 Cr + we have come a long way , I owe this success to My employees, retailers & Brand executives who have wholeheartedly supported me in good and bad times, Today our entire retailer community is fighting for its survival it is not able to fight the onslaught of Amazon,Flipkart our people are going out of business there employees are losing jobs the people who have supported us today need help.

  • Our Goal is to Give a level playing field for small business.
  • Our goal is to empower small business so that they can survive and flourish.
  • Our goal is to generate employment for the youth in small towns and cities.
  • Our goals to build a world-class Indian e-commerce company
  • Earning Money is only a small part of our Goal Our bigger Goal is to to be a part of building New India.
It is just the beginning ;-)

Our Promise

  • 100% Genuine Products.
  • 100% Box Pack products.
  • 100% Never opened, never displayed Products
  • Every product will carry a minimum 6 months of expiry.
  • Delivery within 3 Hours

3 Hours Delivery 

  • We deliver goods in 3 working hours.
  • This service is currently only in Pune and PCMC
  • 3 Hour delivery is applicable for orders recived between Monday - Saturday ( 10 am to 6 pm)
  • Orders recieved after 6 pm will be delivered on next working day.

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