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Bosch Washing Machine 7 Kg, WOE702W0IN White

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Product Description
Worried about water wastage and unclean clothes? Fret no more. This washing machine from Bosch not only conserves water, but it also ensures that your clothes come out clean and fresh. This appliance comes with features such as the ActiveWater technology and PowerWave Wash System to give you perfect wash-results. Thanks to the Magic Filter, your clothes will come out lint- and fluff-free.

No More Dirty Laundry Piles - ActiveWater
This feature senses the load to adjust the level of water, thereby reducing water wastage. This reduces the usage of electricity too. Worried about your clothes not being cleaned properly? Fret no more, as this feature uses hot water to remove the detergent residue and bacteria that form inside the wash drum. This not only gives you clean clothes, but it also increases the appliance's longevity.

Kiss Goodbye to Stubborn Stains - PowerWave Wash System
Those stubborn stains on your whites don't have to get you worried anymore. This wash system is a smart combination of an innovatively designed pulsator, dynamic water flow system and intelligent drum movement. This integration is what gives you near-perfect wash results.

Injury-free Operation with Soft Closing Lid
Ever worried that you'd ram the washing machine's lid onto your fingers and hurt yourself? Well, this feature offers gradual lid closure that lets you close the lid in a silent manner, and minimises the risk of any injuries.

Optimal Programme Selection - One Touch Start
Are you unsure about which programme to select for your clothes? Let your washing machine make this decision for you. The One Touch Start feature automatically selects the right programme for your laundry, depending on the load..

Hot/Cold Fill
Some fabrics need to be washed in cold water, whereas some others can tolerate hot water without any damages and they need to be washed in hot water to be cleaned thoroughly. With the Hot/Cold Fill feature, you can choose if you want to wash your clothes in hot, cold or warm water, depending on the fabric type and its soiling condition.

Magic Filter for Lint-free Clothes
Lint from clothes is known to block the drain pipe. This washing machine comes with the Magic Filter that gathers lint and fluff effectively so that your clothes come out clean.


Function TypeFully Automatic Top Load
Loading Capacity7 kg
Spin Speed680 rpm
Water Protection SystemMultiple Water Protection
Warranty10 Year Motor Warranty

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