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Seagate 2TB 7200 RMP, Internal Hard Disk, HS29

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Supporting capacities up to 2TB, Seagate Pipeline HD series hard drives were designed to deliver 24x7, reliable operation with performance tuning oriented toward low-power consumption, silent operation and smooth video streaming performance. In fact, the Pipeline HD was designed to meet Energy Star and other strict consumer power consumption standards. With the ability to support of up to 16 simultaneous streams of HD content in multiple rooms and operate at temperatures of up to 75°C, they provide reliable storage with a 24x7 operational profile that enables consumers to take full advantage of premium services like digital video recording and video on demand. Boasting the industry's lowest overall power consumption profiles and coupled with the Seagate commitment to environmental compliance, Pipeline HD drives are more than green; they offer customers a comprehensive sustainability value proposition which incorporates leading environmental stewardship and a focus on customer satisfaction. NOTE: (a) Noisy Drive - Abnormal noises include: 1. High-pitched whining sound can be an indication of abnormal function. 2. Noises can be caused by mounting issues. This is due to either a high-frequency vibration in the mounting hardware or a potential drive failure. 3. Repeated, regular tapping, grinding or beeping. 4. Seagate hard drives do not contain audio speakers. Some failure mechanisms may make a regular repeating beep from the computer's internal speaker. This may or not be hard drive related. Check your system documentation for an explanation of system beep codes. If a drive failure is possible, it is always important to make an immediate backup. 5. Two hard clicks at start up and then a boot error message or system shutdown is a symptom of a failed drive. Check your cables and connections in case they might have gotten loose. (b) If you have received a SMART error, we strongly recommend that you stop everything and make an immediate backup of any and all important data contained on this drive that is not already backed up.


TypeInternal Hard Drive
Weight596 g
Warranty Summary1 Years Limited Warranty
Hardware InterfaceSATA
Size3.5 inch
Cache64 MB
Part NumberHS29

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